White Plume Mountain – Game Session – 001

Game summary for April 26, 2012, Priscus Venatus campaign, S2: White Plume Mountain adventure; present PCs included Drake Spellking (half-elf cleric/magic-user), Gideon Glamercraft (magic-user dual illusionist), Marvin Clearmind (paladin), and Nosorn “The Nose” Silversword (dwarf fighter/thief) and present henchmen included Acwald Doubleaxe (dwarf fighter) and Vivienne Longshanks (cleric dual fighter).

Our story began as the Swords of Greyhawk finished looking through the possessions of the slain bandits who had ambushed the party.  Within their packs, they discovered a pair of letters telling of weapons stolen from the city of Greyhawk recently.  The team decided to seek out these weapons and rode out toward White Plume Mountain.  Along the way, a pair of hungry ogres attacked.  Gideon cast a devastating fireball which killed one ogre outright and injured the other.  Marvin charged astride his steed, Llamrei but missed with his lance.  The dwarves rode forth on their ponies and inflicted some damage (Nosorn taking a club to the chest first), and Vivienne crushed the last ogre with her flail.

After arriving at White Plume Mountain, the team found a trapdoor in a cave and went down below.  Within, they discovered knee-high water and a dark hallway.  Proceeding along, they met a mangy, sad gynosphinx who posed a riddle to the group.  After some consideration they answered with “the Moon” and were allowed to pass.

The team decided to move straight forward and Drake fell in a hole.  He soon levitated out and revealed he found a valve.  The team tried to turn it but could not, and while messing with it Gideon fell victim to a kelpie’s charm.  He plunged under the water but Drake dove in and levitated them both out.  Melee ensued with Vivienne smashing the kelpie with her flail.  Another kelpie surfaced and charmed Nosorn but Gideon dispelled the effect.  Drake then fried the kelpie with a lightning bolt.

The group then moved up a flight of stairs and through a doorway to find a section of white and black striped corridor spinning in place.  Gideon used a rope of climbing to tie off to a door handle while Drake used his boots of levitation to hover and pull himself into the cylinder.  Suddenly, and flaming arrow shot through the air and ignited oil in the hallway, causing a cyclone of flame.  Thinking quickly, Drake protected himself with resist fire.  He moved on past and opened the door to reveal an armored man and robed female.  Then, Gideon pulled the rope and hauled Drake back through the spinning corridor.  Unfortunately, the rope burst into flame and came apart once through.

The team stared down the hallway as the door slammed shut with an audible click echoing down the corridor as the flames burnt out.

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