Keep on the Borderlands – Game Session – 019

Game summary for January 19, 2012, In Search of Adventure campaign, Keep on the Borderlands adventure; present characters included Dinendel Telemnar (elf swordmaster-conjurer), Meriwen Arnatule (elf swordmaster-conjurer), and Nicholae Dragos (cleric vicar).

After some discussion, the team decided to reduce their retainer numbers to Borislav Petrovic, Elasha, Ma’Kala, Symeon Xenakis, and Wuldric Mineshield.  The group re-equipped and headed back to the Caves of Chaos intent on destroying the gnolls.  They decided to utilize the secret entrance from the store room in the cultist caves but found the gnolls had discovered the door judging by the sooty black tracks Legend found.  They decided the door may be trapped, and despite hearing gnolls talking on the other side, made their way back around to the main entrance.

The group cast light on a coin that Legend put in his pocket while Ma’Kala carried a stone enchanted with silence 15’ radius.  They tried to sneak into the caves in darkness, with the humans guided by the dwarves and elves who could see in the dark.  Unfortunately, the four gnolls standing in the cave could see them too.  An oddly quiet battle erupted with one gnoll running away and three dying to the party’s blades.

The team moved further in and saw the door to the gnoll chieftain’s room had been replaces with some crudely hung planks.  Meriwen concocted a plan.  They sent Legend, under the cover of invisibility and elven boots, down the hallway with a scroll inscribed with fireball.  The elf peered unseen or heard through between the planks and saw two gnolls, two gnoll skeletons, and a thoul!  He stepped back and recited the scroll, blowing all five inhabitants into flaming bits.  They then stole the loot surviving in a smoking chest.

The party then went deeper into the caves and discovered the last remaining gnolls who put up a stiff resistance.  Several blows were traded, but the gnolls were driven back into a corner and cut down.  At last, the heroes had cleared the evil denizens from the Caves of Chaos!

The group found a keg of ale which they took back to Castellan’s Keep and used for a celebration.  Nicholae set off to find someone willing to sell him a farm while the others sold the loot, made deposits at the bank, and settled in.  The next day, they received a summons from the Castellan.  What new adventures await?

Thus concluded 19 game sessions to complete B2: Keep on the Borderlands using BECMI / RC Dungeons & Dragons rules.  Next up, X8: Drums on Fire Mountain.

The above summary is for a game session of Dungeons & Dragons BECMI / RC edition played by the Phoenix Gaming Club.