Keep on the Borderlands – Game Session 003

Game summary for September 8, 2011, In Search of Adventure campaign, Keep on the Borderlands adventure; present characters included Grey Mouser (thief apprentice) and Theobald Goblinbane (dwarf veteran).

The team hired Wuldric Mineshield to join in their adventures and heading back to the Caves of Chaos.  They returned to the kobold caves and stumbled upon four kobolds moving through.  During the skirmish, the kobolds broke ranks and fled with the team in hot pursuit.  The party caught them at a doorway and cut them down.  They then proceeded through the door to discover the kobold chieftain and five kobold women!

The chieftain fell back, driving the women forward.  They brandished their crude blades and attacked.  The massive (for a kobold) chieftain stood back with axe in hand.  A large golden chain dangled from his neck, catching the eye of Grey Mouser, party thief.  Several of the kobolds fell, and the chieftain moved in.  Theobald slammed his spear into the kobold who brushed off the injury.  He returned a blow to Theobald, causing heavy damage.  The kobold front was unable to stand up to the combined might of the party and began to collapse.  Soon, the team swarmed over the kobolds and won the day.  They ransacked the room and smashed open a chest full of treasure.  They unfortunately discovered none had any abilities with healing and medicine, so they withdrew back to the keep.

The team got bandaged up, sold the necklace for a small fortune, divided up the loot, and put several things in the vault.  They then went to the tavern and ate and drank well.  Grey Mouser purchased beef roast and honey mead, freely but quietly spending coin.

On the following morn, they returned to the kobold caves to find a massive chamber now empty of occupants.  They found evidence of up to fifty individuals having lived there but no sign as to where they had gone.  The team then left the kobold caves and heading to another entrance.

The team crept in and found a four-way intersection.  They proceeded straight to find a dead end as a patrol of goblins came up behind them.  The two groups stared at each other in surprise for a moment before the goblins crowded in.  One fled down the hall yelling “Bree-Yark!” at the top of his lungs.  A brutal fight ensued, with the party killing all the goblins but with Wuldric and Theobald badly wounded.  They quickly searched the bodies and returned to the keep.

The team reassembled and returned to the goblin caves.  They carefully moved in and surprised a half-dozen goblins in a side chamber.  The party slaughtered all but one in moments, but that goblin kicked open a secret door and tossed a bag of coins into the room.  A grunt and booming laugh followed.  The party fell back on guard as the wickedly smiling goblin was overshadowed by a towering mass of muscle and hate—an ogre!

The above summary is for a game session of Dungeons & Dragons BECMI / RC edition played by the Phoenix Gaming Club.

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