Shadowrun – Black Ops: Bogota – Game Session 011

Game summary for August 4, 2011; present characters included Bernsen (dwarf combat mage), Network (dwarf drone rigger), Tango (ork tank), and Vessel (troll brawler).

The MACHETE team spread out around the entrance to the science base, protected by a number of soldiers and CorpSec, including a bunker.  The team decided to sneak close and use launched grenades to take out the guards.  Unfortunately, the guards were alert and noticed them coming.  In moments, long bursts of bullets ripped through the jungle.  Several of the guards went down from a distance to grenades and bullets.  Feast moved in with his katana and tore through the opposition as well.  Vessel found himself on the receiving end of several bursts, as was Napalm.  Bernsen set several of the enemies on fire, and the team cleared the area in a few moments.  A set of shaped charges later, and the team was in the base entrance.

Within, an assault team blasted away firing from behind crates, barrels, and other items.  Network’s drone lead the way, followed closely by Tango.  Feast and Razor moved in to work some disaster with their blades up close and personal.  After a brutal few moments, the gunfire died down as the last opponent fell.

Now within, the team needs to recover the cybertooth tiger data and examples of the technology!

The above summary is for a game session of Shadowrun: 20th Anniversary Edition played by the Phoenix Gaming Club.

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