Shadowrun – Black Ops: Bogota – Game Session 005

Game summary for June 9, 2011; present characters included Bernsen (dwarf combat mage), Network (dwarf drone rigger), and Vessel (troll brawler).

The MACHETE team was deployed again following their unsuccessful kidnapping of Steel Hoof.  This time, they were given a mission of assassination codenamed THE JAVA JOB.  The team was tasked with ambushing Bogota congressman, Enrique Gonzales, sole surviving member following the Capitolio Nacional bombing and framing the Los Matan Gigantes for his murder.  The ambush spot selected was the Latte Mi Corazon coffee house.  The team had the following objectives:

Primary Objectives

  • Enrique Gonzales – Assassinate Enrique Gonzales at Latte Mi Corazon.  Part of the goal is sensationalism, so be creative.
  • Frame Los Matan Gigantes – Leave superficial evidence that would implicate the group to the casual observer.  For example, wear Los Matan Gigantes t-shirts, carry Los Matan Gigantes activist signs, and so on.

Secondary Objectives

  • Complete Extraction – Leave the location with all members of the team, alive or dead.  No allied bodies should be left behind as evidence.
  • Survivors – There need to be people who survive to tell others how Los Matan Gigantes killed Enrique Gonzales.


  • Equipment – Los Matan Gigantes is a civilian organization.  You should not use any military-grade gear, armor, weapons, or ammunition.  Firearms should be limited to pistols, shotguns, and low-end SMGs.

The team made up several Los Matan Gigantes shirts and donned lightweight body armor.  They picked up several small arms and rented a getaway van under a false identity.  Vessel poorly donned a nanopaste disguise as well.  Network positioned the van down the street, and Vessel and Bernsen went in and ordered drinks.  They then took up a position viewing the entrance.

Right on time, Enrique and his bodyguards arrived.  One went to order while the rest, including a beautiful young woman, took up seats around the building.  As the ork returned with the drinks, Vessel and Bernsen jumped up with flash-bang grenades.  One of the bodyguards had been keeping an eye on them and shouted a warning.  He snatched Enrique and threw him over his shoulder and ran for the door.  Vessel tossed the flashbang up on a table.  Another ork threw a chair through a window and stepped outside while the third ork bodyguard caught the bouncing grenade and hurled it through the broken window into the street.

The woman jumped up and revealed a cyber-arm with concealed SMG, which she used to burst fire on Vessel as he pursued the ork who stepped outside.  Meanwhile, Bernsen dropped a Fireball on the fleeing target, catching a bystander and Vessel in the blast.  The Fireball ignited everyone in the radius, causing most to drop and roll, including the ork carrying Enrique who was unceremoniously dumped to the ground.

The flames took the fight out of most of the resistance except for the ork outside.  After a brief melee with Vessel, they both drew guns and fired upon each other, with Vessel taking a wound from bullets and the raging inferno his clothing had become.  Bernsen ran over to Enrique, lying unconscious (or dead) on the ground and stuff a flash-bang in his mouth.  At the same time, the outside ork allowed Vessel to retreat and moved back into the coffee house.  He fired his Colt Manhunter at point-blank, tearing a brutal hole in Bernsen’s hide.  Fortunately, Network pulled up outside and opened fire with a Deputy revolver, killing the ork.

Vessel crawled into Network’s getaway van after rolling around to put himself out.  Bernsen dove out the front door with a live grenade behind him.  Vessel helped slap the flames on him out and drag him into the van as Network floored it.  They cleared the corner right as the flash-bang went off behind them.

Fleeing the scene, and screaming sirens, the team dumped the van and guns and started them all on fire.  Then, bleeding heavily from several gunshot wounds and serious burns, they climbed into Network’s GMC Beachcraft hovercraft and escaped.

The above summary is for a game session of Shadowrun: 20th Anniversary Edition played by the Phoenix Gaming Club.

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