Air Force, Afghanistan

Received the following letter:

Dear Charles,

I know this note will not get to you until well after the holiday season, but please know that your support is very much appreciated. I would have written much sooner to express my thanks but mission requirements left me little time to do so. I am an Air Force Mental Health Technician assigned with the Army in SE Afghanistan. Since before Thanksgiving, my doctor and I have been traveling around to the small firebases in our assigned area, providing psychological care to the soldiers. Each time we go out, we stuff our pockets, extra pouches and when we go out for an extended trip, even an extra bag full of the items you send.

Many of our soldiers are at very austere locations with mail being infrequent at the best of times. We use the care packages we receive to assist the soldiers, sometimes with some food or candy, sometimes with hygiene gear, and each time there is a smile and a thanks. Often, this allows us to break the ice with the troops in order for them to open up to us.

Our job has been made easier due in no small part to caring people like yourself who support us.

Thank you, and all the best in the new year,