Fido is a heartwarming tale of a boy and his… zombie. I love the zombie genre, especially those along the vein of the original Night of the Living Dead. I don’t need the new era zombie movie’s buckets of gore; I’m looking for creative stories with a walking dead backdrop. Strange, I know, but it entertains me.

Fido is just the sort of film I’ve been looking for. It is a zombie film, but it adds a few twists, such as the setting (1950’s America) and plot (people have “domesticated” zombies). I think the film does a great job of posing interesting “what if” questions to the viewer. Some are answered, and some are left for you to ponder. In some ways it is like Leave It to Beaver, but it is done in such a tongue-in-cheek fashion that it is endearing, not annoying.

This film is much more fun to watch than Brain-Munching Dead People 17 or whatever the latest remake of a remake is these days. If you aren’t a big zombie genre fan, you can still watch this film without being completely grossed out—the film is violent, but not overly so. If you are a fan, this movie is a fresh idea on a decayed concept! By golly, go rent it today!

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