Age of Worms Adventure Path – Game Session 58

Game summary for November 8, 2007; present characters included Ashkor (half-bronze dragon lizardfolk barbarian/battle sorcerer/dragon disciple/fighter), Carn Fodelfex (whisper gnome cleric), Eolas Windmaster (moon elf duskblade), Iapetus Hasur (hu-charad giant rogue/scout/vigilante), Lady Aridarye Phylund Brokengulf (human aristocrat/harbinger/ranger cohort), Lyrin Sinbal (simian incantatrix/ring sage/warmage), Morak Beardfist (shield dwarf fighter/rage cleric), Syvarius Strongbow (moon elf archer-ranger/peerless archer), and Taravin Truesilver (human gray guard/paladin of honor/pious templar).

The Mercenaries continued searching for the portal’s crystalline keys and found the green crystals guarded by a half dozen ropers. The stalagmite-like creatures began lashing and grabbing party members in an effort to make them into a meal. Some well placed spells and attacks soon made short work of the strange monsters. Five were slain, and the sixth was sent to a random plane by Lyrin’s prismatic spray.

The team found they could not repair the shattered blue crystal using mending, so they made camp and prepared make whole the next day. The spell successfully restored the crystal, which they then used to open the portal. On the other side, a vibrant verdant demi-plane stretched out. No sun appeared in the sky due to the overcast cloud cover, but mountains loomed in the distance, hills all around, and a thick forest spilled out through the south. Within moments, a quartet of strange elemental fey creatures appeared and spoke. They indicated the party had found Last Resort, an island stronghold of the Order of the Storm. The knowledge they seek is held in the fountain of dreams; however, the party must prove themselves mighty heroes to gain access to the fountain. Once the knowledge is gleaned, it will return not only to the party, but to the world; thus, it is vital that the drinkers be heroes able to handle the problems associated with the release of this knowledge back into the Prime Plane.

Although the fey did not answer many questions, they did indicate the Hand of Myrkul was already here and had set out to complete four trials—the same four trials they now posed to the party. The trials consist of one challenge from each of the guardians.

  1. From Tylanthros — Claiming of Krathanos’ Golden Belt
  2. From Beskawahn — Silence of the Doomshroud’s Mournful Song
  3. From Thadimar — Death of the Thorn Vale Nightmare
  4. From Sayren-Lei — Harvest of the Living Feather of the Roc King

With their challenges proposed, they watchers stepped into the trees and disappeared. With little to go on, the party began seeking the belt of Krathanos. They succeeded in determining it lie somewhere around the southern forest, so they set off with all haste.

During their travel along the forest edge, they attracted the attention of a hunting pack of displacer beasts. Not just any displacer beasts, these brutes were massive elephantine mutants known as pack lords! Four of the six-pawed cats swept in through the trees to slash the party with their tentacles. A brutal fight ensued, with the displacement effect of the monsters posing a challenge for landing accurate blows. It was soon apparent area of effect attacks were much more effective. Layers of fire storm and flame strike effects from the party casters weakened or killed the creatures, allowing the team to finish off the remaining beasts. An errant flame strike set a tree on fire, but the Mercenaries succeeded in putting out the flame before it spread and became a roaring blaze.

With the hunting party destroyed, the Mercenaries turned their attention, and feet, back to the south.

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