Army, Afghanistan

Received the following email:

Dear Charles,

Hi, I’m a PFC in the U.S. Army. I’ve been in for about a year now. I love serving and defending our freedom. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I’m —– years old born in Seoul, Korea. My father was prior service and made the rank of 1SG. I’ve lived all over the world in places like Tennesse, New York, Indiana, Germany, Austria, and know I am stationed in —– with the —–. I love jumping out of airplanes and getting paid for it. Besides that I sit in an office most of my time until I get to go out on missions. Well I haven’t went out just yet, but my first time will be this week.

This FOB is pretty small, but we do have electricity. We also have a laundry service that the afghans run with a two day turn around. We do have a microwave in our office and a refridgerator. We also have a PS3. We had the afghans build us a satelite so we could receive a couple of channels. They are some crafty people. We’re pretty much good on hygiene but food products are always appreciated. We have a café with a tv but a limited selection of dvds and games.

I see you’re a fan of muscle cars. I used to drive a 72 Cutlass with a 350 rocket until I went to Italy, then I sold it. I would have loved to have owned a 99 Z-28. UFC is huge out here. We sometimes get it on our satelite. I saw that Ace Franklin and Okami fight. I didn’t like it. Okami should have been more aggressive. I guess I was just rooting for him to win.

Thanks for your endless support, letters, and packages. Its like Christmas morning when the bird gets here, we sort the mail, and I see my name on a package or letter. God Bless you, and thanks again.

U.S. Army

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