Game Results for February 15, 2007

It was game session 26 of the Age of Worms campaign. While moving through the streets of Waterdeep, the party encountered a strange street prophet who spouted off about the Age of Worms. They also encountered a parade of entertainers and caged animals, including a blue chimera that broke free of its restraints! The party’s new litorian ritual warrior proved his bravery by charging headlong at the beast and attacking it with just his biting jaws! The group made short work of the creature and then proceeded to locate the home of Dagsumn the sage.

Dagsumn was eager to research the items they brought but warned the group it could take a week or so to gather the necessary information. In the meantime, he encouraged them to stay at the Crooked House inn located in the Trade Ward. The party hit it off well with the proprietor, Tarquin Shortstone XXIV. As evening wore on, they were entertained by traveling comedian, Barty the Buffoon. During his act, a pair of courtesans went upstairs with party member Grot Bloodtunneler. Shortly thereafter, Grot walked back downstairs and stabbed Tarquin through the chest with a dagger. He then ran back upstairs.

The inn erupted into commotion and panic with people calling for the guards and patrons accosting the party. Another courtesan ran down the stairs yelling at the party and urging the crowd to detain or attack the group. After feigning being attacked by Evo, she drew forth a hidden short sword and stabbed him viciously. Aker quickly disarmed her, while Lyrin used magical wind to keep the crowd back. Valgen was detained as he tried to make his way upstairs, but Evo used his tumbling skills to evade the wench and the crowd and run to the third floor. Meanwhile, the disarmed woman began striking Lyrin, Aker and Valgen with hammering barehanded blows, dealing far more damage than anyone expected.

Evo found Grot upstairs enjoying the company of the two courtesans, completely oblivious to the events transpiring below. Both of them ran downstairs back to the commotion. The party fought against the woman and she died beneath the crushing hammer of Morak Beardfist. As she died, she resumed her true form, that of a doppelganger! The crowd realized they had been duped, and Morak was allowed to use his healing prayers on Tarquin.

The Watch soon arrived and took a report on the entire incident. They also charged a fine of 100 gp to Grot for engaging in lascivious activity with known ladies of the evening. No arrests were made. The party also discovered a key on the doppelganger’s corpse that matches the markings on an old warehouse in the Dock Ward called Sodden Hold. The party then retired for the evening with plans of seeking out Sodden Hold at their first opportunity.

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