Chariot of the Gods — Game Session — 001

Game summary for June 20, 2023, Chariot of the Gods campaign, ALIEN The Roleplaying Game, for Expeditions-R-Us. Session included: Kyle Rye (Roughneck played by Charles Plemons), Leah Davis (Pilot played by Casey Scruggs), and Vanessa Miller (Captain played by Andrew Renfrow). Game Master for this session was Nathan Digges-Elliott.

The crew awakened from cryo sleep and began the normal routine of having a meal, drinking coffee, and checking the ship systems. They quickly discovered something was amiss.  The ship was wildly off course and the shipment of gas was not fully processed indicating they had not been in cryo sleep nearly long enough.  The Captain and Wilson both talked to Mu-Th-Ur to get more information.  The crew made some noise about wanting to know what was going on, but the explanation was a bit sketchy.  There was a distress beacon, but from where was a bit vague.  Rye began computing some coordinates on the beacon and discovered the ships were about to collide!  Davis was able to enact some impressive maneuvers to avoid the ship and match its speed.  They talked for a while and learned the ship was running on little to no power, no one was answering comms, and all lights seemed to be off.  As best they could tell, the ship had been traveling at sub light speed for years. 

The team decided to board the ship in accordance with their contracts to look for scientific evidence, salvage, or survivors.  Wilson really wanted to go aboard, but Captain Miller was against it.  Rye really wanted Miller to stay with the Montero, but she refused.  If something were to happen to her, Davis would be in charge.  They divided up the equipment, and Davis was able to connect the umbilical to the airlock of the Cronus.  The team went across and found the airlock damaged, so Cham had to cut through with the cutting torch.  Inside, they found scuff marks on the ladder and a sealed door to Mu-Th-Ur.  Without power they decided not to risk cutting this door.  Wilson was unable to send a command remotely to open it but offered to bring his keycard over.  Without power, what good would that do?  They refused to allow him to come over.  They headed toward the reactor to power up the ship.  Miller fired up her motion sensor and got two blips that then went away.  Unsure, they went to investigate since it was on the way to the reactor.  They did not find anything of note so pressed on.  In the tail of the ship right before the reactor door they found a dead crewman, perhaps a security officer.  He apparently died from suicide by shotgun.  Rye took the shotgun and ammo and distributed a few rounds to everyone.  He then traded the shotgun with Miller for the pistol.  Examining the body, they found the arms were distended and deformed, perhaps internally. 

The group sent their findings over the comms and then went to the reactor door.  As they started to enter, the ship powered on, lights came on, and life support kicked in.  They decided to investigate the reactor anyway and opened the door.  Inside, their suits alerted them of dangerous levels of radiation.  There was a piled of destroyed furniture in the middle of the room, and a soiled and ruined suit.  The team stepped in to check the reactor and get out, and as they stepped in, the suit stood up! 

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