Classic Quest — Game Session — 076

Game summary for March 29, 2022, Classic Quest campaign, Dungeons & Dragons BECMI / RC Edition, for Phoenix Gaming Club. Session included: Arminious Ironkeep (Human Cleric played by Chris Harmon), Garadal Davster (Halfling played by Parker Harmon), Grozzadeth Boulderback (Dwarf played by Kaliegh Belda), Katarina Magdanov (Human Magic-User played by Casey Scruggs), Koehan Rumisar (Elf played by Peyton Harmon), and Valor Eagleclaw (Human Fighter played by Preston Harmon). Game Master for this session was Charles Plemons.

The group explored another chamber and found nothing of interest.  They then went into an antechamber and found it filled with zombies and skeletons!  Koehan got trapped in the room while the rest of the team tried to beat back the horde to rescue him.  Arminious found he was able to turn these undead and blew several into dust.  After setting up a funnel kill zone, the group got Koehan free and destroyed the rest of the undead.  In the room, they found a stairwell down and decided to explore it later. 

The group went across the temple and found the library wherein the triggered a blinding flash of light.  Unable to see, Valor and Arminious sat down and let the Hutakaan priestesses examine them.  They determined the blindness was likely temporary. 

The team pressed on, and Grozz helped them buttress some walls and excavate a collapsed portion of the temple to find another room.  Within, Koehan’s elven eyes spotted a secret door!  They opened it to reveal a hidden hallway and a crumpled corpse clutching the golden bowl!  A wraith rose up and attacked.  Fortunately, most of the team had magical weapons with which to hit the monster.  Unfortunately, Koehan was struck and energy drained!  However, the team rallied quickly and brought down the undead.  The team found a powerful suit of armor and several valuable pieces of magic.  Likewise, they recovered the bowl!