Harm Incorporated – Ruins of Undermountain – Game Session – 001

Game summary for November 16, 2013, Ruins of Undermountain campaign; PCs included Boran Gibbs (human cleric), Kalil Bakran (human sorcerer), Paddy Brandywine (halfling bard [archaeologist]), and Rumbald Shieldcracker (dwarf ranger [dungeon rover]).

The Harm Incorporated team went down a flight of stairs and found four skeletal champions moving to attack.  The team cut down the first undead, but the other three hung back in another hallway.  Kalil launched a fireball while the rest of the team moved in.  Rumbald nearly fell into a pit trap but caught his balance just in time!  The group mopped up the champions very quickly and then dropped a rib bone with a light spell into the pit.  They found a dead adventurer at the bottom and lowered Paddy down on a rope to retrieve his backpack.  The mighty Rumbald lowered the rope and hauled the halfling back up.  They found several magic items and coins within.

From here, the team went to a large green door and picked the lock.  On the other side, they found a massive room filled with broken furniture and a group of ogres and minotaurs!  Rumbald hates minotaurs, so he charged in and ended up flanked by the ogres!  He took some heavy shots while the team moved in.  Several were hit hard, and Paddy cast good hope to make the team better fighters!  Kalil unleashed another fireball and used his fire ray attack.  The fighting was intense, forcing Boran to channel positive energy to heal the team.  Kalil used his scorching ray, and the team slowly took down each of the giant creatures.  The group then discovered some treasure on the body of a slain dwarven adventurer.

The group moved back down the hallway and entered an enormous room filled with cracked bones, straw, and hair balls.  Within, a white chimera paced about!  Paddy and Rumbald moved in to form a front line while Kalil slipped in behind.  The chimera pounced and also unleashed a blast of icy cold!  The creature fought valiantly but was no match for the combined might of the party.  Paddy then cast detect secret doors and found a door to the north!  On the other side, they discovered a chest full of treasure!

Finally, the team went through the last door they knew of.  Without was a tangled mess of hallways and trails of slime.  Four massive flail snails glided about and attacked trying to eat the party!  Rumbald, Paddy, and Boran all charged in and attacked while Kalil unleashed a lightning bolt.  As the snails were defeated one by one, Kalil also discovered the snails’ shells somehow protected them from some kinds of magic.  Within a few moments, though, the team was victorious and had survived their first few encounters within Undermountain!

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