Carrion Crown Adventure Path – Game Session – 017

Game summary for June 22, 2013, Carrion Crown Adventure Path campaign, Trial of the Beast adventure; PCs included Gnok Thatek (dwarf monk) and Irnadette Steelsoul (elan psion), accompanied by NPC companion Thorkatla Foamflagon (dwarf cleric).

The party agreed to travel the rest of the way to Lepidstadt with the Crooked Kin following a quiet funeral for Aleece.  The team set out and traveled toward the city.  While guarding camp one evening, Irnadette heard something large sniffing around the wagons and sounded the alert.  A massive troll lumbered forth and attacked the party!  A brutal fight ensued and the team figured out fire was a necessary weapon against the regenerating giant.  Fortunately, Irnadette’s psionics allowed her to summon elemental flame to damage the troll.  The party was able to beat it to the ground and pour lantern oil over the body to consume it.

The following day the team arrived in Lepidstadt in the late afternoon and learned more of the trial of the Beast and the massive Punishing Man intended to burn him in a few days’ time.  The group visited the home of Judge Embreth Daramid to deliver one of the books from Professor Lorrimor.  She was saddened to learn of his death but appreciated the party bringing the book to her.  She then asked the party to sign on with Barrister Gustav Kaple as volunteer defenders of the Beast and investigate the crimes for which he was arrested.  She indicated she could not be party to their investigations being a judge on the case, but she wanted to make sure the Beast got a fair trial, which no one in Lepidstadt seemed interested in delivering.  The team agreed and went to the courthouse to meet the barrister.

The group signed on as defenders and went to meet the Beast of Lepidstadt who was locked in the cellar.  The massive patchwork man was chained with half a dozen sets of manacles to an iron chair.  The party spoke with him briefly, and he repeatedly stated “I didn’t do it.”  The group learned the Beast is on trial for allegedly murdering 10 villagers in Morast a year ago, slaying six children in Hergstag 7 months ago, and starting a fire in the Sanctuary at Karb Isle which killed many and blinded another man.  They also learned he was arrested in Lepidstadt University while smashing the antiquities department and is accused of having stolen the Seasage Effigy.  With the trial’s opening day completed, the team has only three days to investigate and bring evidence of the Beast’s guilt or innocence to court!

The group went to the University to investigate the site of the arrest.  They found workers trying to clean up from the Beast’s destructive rampage.  There they met Dr. Montagnie Crowl.  They had been tasked with delivering occult tomes to the doctor in Dr. Lorrimor’s will, so they were able to deliver them and talk about the break in and theft.  Dr. Crowl drew them a picture of the Seasage Effigy, calling it a curious but mostly valueless piece.  He speculated it may be some kind of idol or demon or something.

The team then asked to look around the crime scene, which Dr. Crowl was happy to lead them to.

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