Carrion Crown Adventure Path – Game Session – 047

Game summary for February 27, 2014, Carrion Crown Adventure Path campaign, Wake of the Watcher adventure; PCs included Dario Malavasi (human oracle), Emilian Sandulescu (human paladin/ranger), and Tigris Inebriavi (elf magus), accompanied by NPC companions Nyssa Pagonis (human cleric) and Pavlos Zervas (human fighter/rogue).

The party investigated the bodies and discovered one seemed to belong to a Whispering Way cultist.  He had a note that appeared to be the missing page torn from the Thrushmoor stable ledger.  They learned the effigy exchange was to happen at an old house outside of town.

They moved on and found a large bedroom with a number of broken and spilled vials they determined to once have held healing potions.  Also, the bed seemed to exude a very strong fish smell.  They opened a sea chest and found several potions beside three very strange red-gold statuettes.

The team continued exploring the church and found another four cultists meditating around a ship bell in front of a strange painting of a ship captain.  The bell had the name Conquer upon it.  The cultists attacked immediately, but the team made short work of them.

The group then discovered a cultist and vicar and engaged in a vicious fight.  Tigris hurled a fireball that hit enemy as well as Emelian.  The vicar cast a greater command that only affected Nyssa.  The group swarmed in and dropped the cultist quickly, but the vicar began channeling negative energy repeatedly.  He was able to do so twice to good effect, but finally Dario landed a blow with his nine-ring broadsword that killed the vicar.  The group then decided to find the Tulby family to see if this was Father Voltiaro they had defeated.

Carrion Crown Adventure Path – Game Session – 046

Game summary for February 20, 2014, Carrion Crown Adventure Path campaign, Wake of the Watcher adventure; PCs included Brutus Bonesmasher (human fighter), Dario Malavasi (human oracle), Emilian Sandulescu (human paladin/ranger), and Malthus Brightray (half-elf cleric), accompanied by NPC companions Nyssa Pagonis (human cleric) and Pavlos Zervas (human fighter/rogue).

The team engaged in a quick, violent battle with the cultists of the indomitable sea!  Pavlos proved his worth by taking one out with a dagger in a single round.  The cultists injured several of the party but were no match for the team.

The group then discovered a large sliding secret wall that folded back to reveal a hidden sanctuary dedicated to the demon lord, Dagon!  The bloody altar bespoke the kinds of rituals held within.  All around the walls were disturbing carvings of devilfish, krakens, octopi, squid, and other bizarre creatures including fish-men mating with human women.  Entering the area seemed to summon an aberrant monstrosity, a chuul of incredible power called the Scion of the Sea!  The monster snatched up Nyssa and Dario in its claws and began crushing them.  It transferred Dario to its paralytic tentacles and began consuming him while it continued fighting!  Brutus found it resistant to his flaming hammer, which hampered Malthus flame magic as well.  Pavlos flanked the creature and learned it had fast healing.  The fighting was intense, but Emilian began to smite it and eventually brought it down!

The group then entered another chamber and found Rufus and Imelba Tulby waiting, frightened, on a bench.  They learned the couple were trying to “foster” their 3-month-old daughter to The Neighbors down bay, whomever that is.  The team found The Neighbors had not shown up to claim the girl and that Father Voltiaro had gone to Undiomede House to try and contact them.  The family was to wait here until he returned.

The team then went and opened another door and discovered seven neatly arranged decapitated corpses!

Carrion Crown Adventure Path – Game Session – 045

Game summary for February 13, 2014, Carrion Crown Adventure Path campaign, Wake of the Watcher adventure; PCs included Dario Malavasi (human oracle), Emilian Sandulescu (human paladin/ranger), and Tigris Inebriavi (elf magus), accompanied by NPC companions Nyssa Pagonis (human cleric) and Pavlos Zervas (human fighter/rogue).

The party learned that the Dark Rider had ridden toward Illmarsh, and they set out in pursuit.  They headed down the old road and made camp overnight.  After a few hours on the road the following day, the found a vessel in the lake speeding toward a stone quay with a man running frantically to and fro on the deck.  Tigris and Nyssa flew to the boat and helped him avoid a crash.  They discovered his name is Horace Croon, some kind of inventor who has created a subaqueous exploration and research vessel.  After realizing the man is a bit eccentric, they continued to Illmarsh.

In the town, they found the Walleyed Kraken tavern and had a drink and some fish with owner, Laurel Sills.  They then headed over to the Bountiful Catch Inn where they met a standoffish man named Rube Dreeley who gave them the best dump, er… room in the house for a mere overpriced 3 gp per night.

The next day they were accosted by the sheriff and escorted to Mayor Greedle’s office.  They spoke with the bizarre man for a while, and he finally divulged he suspects some local disappearances are due to the priests at the Hall of the Recondite Order of the Indomitable Sea.  The party set out to investigate.  Within they found four priests who were very displeased to see them!

Carrion Crown Adventure Path – Game Session – 044

Game summary for February 6, 2014, Carrion Crown Adventure Path campaign, Broken Moon and Wake of the Watcher adventures; PCs included Dario Malavasi (human oracle), Emilian Sandulescu (human paladin/ranger), and Tigris Inebriavi (elf magus), accompanied by NPC companion Nyssa Pagonis (human cleric).

The team returned to Vrood’s tower and discovered eight skeletal champion archers.  Dario attempted to get up to the champions and fell through the floor.  Emilian repeatedly channeled positive energy and destroyed the skeletons.

After returning to their horses, the team set out toward Thrushmoor.  They arrived two days later and began asking about the Dark Riders.  They learned the riders had bought fresh horses a day or two earlier.  One rider had headed to an unknown destination and another south toward the town of Illmarsh.  According to the locals, natives of Illmarsh are called “musties” due to their fishy smell.

The party visited the livery stable to see if they could find more information about the riders.  Within they found an older man trying to change a wheel on a hay wagon.  Dario and Emilian helped lift the heavy wagon while they talked to the man.  After a few moments, a pair of ghouls sprung up out of the hay to attack!  The man revealed himself an assassin and viciously stabbed Dario!  Tigris blasted forth scalding flames while the undead and the assassin tore into the team!  The magus used fire and lightning while Emilian and Dario slashed away.  The assassin proved particularly dangerous, but the undead fell quickly.  At last, Dario cut down the assassin!

Harm Incorporated – Ruins of Undermountain – Game Session – 004

Game summary for February 1, 2014, Ruins of Undermountain campaign; PCs included Boran Gibbs (human cleric), Kalil Bakran (human sorcerer), Paddy Brandywine (halfling bard [archaeologist]), and Rumbald Shieldcracker (dwarf ranger [dungeon rover]).

The Harm Incorporated team threw open yet another door in deep, deadly Undermountain!  Behind it, they discovered some snarling dire rats along with a wyvaran sorcerer and three kobolds!  The battle was instant, with Paddy leading the charge!  Kalil unleashed a fireball and took down the dire rats.  The party moved in quickly to swarm the creatures and took them out.

The team then opened a doorway and found two enormous ettins!  The arguing creatures instantly shifting their attention to the little meals running around and came crashing through the wall!  The ettins began bashing the party with their spiked clubs, but a barrage of spells and blades later, the ettins lay dead at the feet of Rumbald.  Paddy discovered a loose flagstone concealing some small treasure along with a secret door.  The group went through the secret door and triggered a spiked pit!  Everyone dodged except Kalil who plummeted the fifty feet into the spiked pit.  Injured, he required magical aid when raised upon a rope.

Another door revealed an interrogation room occupied by two bugbears wearing spiked armor and carrying punching daggers with razor edges.  One of the bugbears began brutally stabbing Rumbald.  Thinking quickly, Paddy cast hideous laughter to tell a hilarious joke and cause one of the goblinoids to roll about laughing.  Soon the team mopped up the two brutes.

The next room was a killing field flanked on either side by arrow slits with orc crossbowmen on the other side!  The party carried tables on either side as massive shields to get Paddy to the door so he could get them back to the crossbowmen.  A few bolts landed true, but most thunked into heavy tables.  The team surged back and took out the orcs with blade and spell.

Finally, the team opened another door to reveal an octagonal room occupied by a single man, Bruce Lee.  Master Lee challenged the team, and they rumbled for quite some time.  Rumbald and Paddy found themselves repeatedly disarmed and thrown to the ground under a barrage of punches and kicks!  Boran landed a critical hit with a searing light, and Kalil ended the fight with a scorching ray!  Admitting defeat, Master Lee disappeared in a puff of blue smoke, but the team realized they had honed their own hand-to-hand combat skills after the experience.